Marilyn Egel, LCSW: Stairs up If you are reading this, you need a reminder, here goes: DO WHAT YOU LOVE…AND DO IT WITH PURPOSE!

As your coach, I understand that a creative, capable, whole person sits before me. It will be our journey to discover and articulate your dreams, desires, and aspirations. Your goals and objectives may be based in career, finances, relationships, or health and wellness. Perhaps you want to deepen your own internal experience and rediscover your purpose. Let me teach you how to be certain, how to live in full alignment with your values, how to have the desired impact, and how to hold yourself accountable for making important life shifts.

My office is a safe and courage-filled space where our agenda is discovering what makes you feel fully alive! We will uncover your deeper purpose and learn to recognize and then defy the parts of you that have spent too many hours listening to and believing in your unconscious ‘saboteurs.’

You have learned to ignore your genius, you have paid too much attention to critics, you have undermined your own success…STOP doing what you’ve always done! Together we will change the rhythm of your internal life, dive deep into your values, shift your perspectives, and make certain you have the impact you’ve always imagined.

I will be your thought partner, I will mindfully deepen your self-awareness, I will hold you accountable, and I will fill the gap between what you want and why you don’t yet have it!

Call me today and let’s get started. (Specially priced packages in 3 session increments are now available!)

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