Marilyn Egel, LCSW: Mosaic tiles

I am so glad that you are here and that you are reading this:

We have all struggled at various times with feelings that we could not fully understand or identify.  We search for meaning in a world that does not offer easy answers. Sometimes we are moving too quickly, sometimes too slowly, and sometimes stuck… not moving at all.  When you are at any of these crossroads of your life, you need to ask for help.

I will help you!

I will help you to sort through your thoughts and experiences in order to find clarity. I will teach you that your emotions are your allies; complex feelings of ‘alert mechanisms’ designed to let you know when you are heading off in the wrong direction or capitulating to negative ingrained habits.

You do not need to feel alone!

My office is a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment  where you will benefit from my many years of expertise in the field.  All that you need to bring to the therapeutic process is a commitment to yourself that you are going to address what’s not working in your life.

Together, we will look at obstacles as challenges to be overcome.  We will find effective ways for you to live authentically. We will share a deep respect for your vulnerabilities and strengthen your resilience.

Call me!   I am looking forward to helping you come to terms with your evolving emotional life.


Marilyn Egel, LCSW: Bird in Flight

‘We take flight when we rise above our habitual ways of thinking about things and experience new insights.’


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