Marilyn Egel, LCSW: Sunrise
‘I came into therapy feeling anxious, uncertain, and generally dissatisfied with my life. I’ve been out of college for several years and somehow none of my expectations for myself were being met. I wasn’t sleeping well. I had stopped working out and I was becoming pessimistic about the future. I was referred to Marilyn and she provided me with some great insights as well as a ‘game plan’. Her guidance and her experience were invaluable. I actually looked forward to my weekly sessions because I always left feeling that I had learned something important about myself. I saw Marilyn each week for some time, now I go to see her as needed, as she says, for ‘tune-ups’. I would recommend Marilyn to anyone (and actually have recommended her!)’
-Jessica R. 27 yrs old


‘I have been married for 18 years and have two children aged 15 and 12. I came into therapy feeling dissatisfied and lonely in my marriage, overwhelmed, and ready to quit. It was affecting every aspect of my life. Marilyn became engaged in my experience from the first session! I thought I would talk about my marriage, get some insights, and move along….but there was so much more to discuss. I now have a much better/clearer understanding of myself, my decisions, my choices. Through this process I have actually become a better parent to my own children. I really feel enormous gratitude for the time I spend in therapy with Marilyn.’
-Staci T. 47 yrs old


‘Marilyn Egel has been instrumental in changing the way I see the world. I wanted a coach because I simply felt unable to get my life together. Marilyn talked with me about values, balance, & the process of knowing oneself. At every session, Marilyn fostered all that was light about me. She has a one-of-a-kind way of making you commit to your own life & she becomes your #1 fan as you embark on a journey to truth & confidence. Worth the time! Worth the struggle! Worth the money!’

-Lana H. 37 yrs old

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